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Charmaine Fleming
Georgia Prudential Realty

“As a real estate agent there are many demands made to keep up with current technology. This is not my area of expertise, so I asked Steven Seale to manage this area for me. He has done a great job setting up a drip marketing campaign, and positioned me higher in the Google and Yahoo! search engines so potential buyers and sellers can find me more easily...and much more. He even attended a seminar with me to help me maximize my exposure. Beyond that, I often get stuck with current challenges due to my lack of technology skills, and he is always available to answer my questions, and walk me through in layman’s terms to accommodate me so I can do what I do best. Thank you Steven!”

Diane Ellis
Diane Ellis: Owner
Lawman Badge Company

“As a small business owner I can highly recommend Steven. He has been our webmaster for 7 years taking us from literally non-existent to #1 on Google and major search engines such as Yahoo! and AOL for the last 7 years. We have been approached by other SEO 'experts' and they all have the same story to tell us about how they can improve our position and traffic and when we look at their proposals, its all the same stuff that Steven has already been doing for us since the very beginning. He was and continues to be years ahead of the competition, we like that a lot. He has helped us to clearly communicate our unique value proposition to our clients and we are picky in that regard. His online marketing skills are beyond compare and have benefited us on many occasions such as using his SEO expertise to bring us new clients at a zero cost. Much of our business comes directly to us through his online marketing efforts on our behalf. Steven is the kind of worker that helps us sleep a little better at night. He is intuitive, effective and quite good at 'minding the store'.”

Nick Falletta

Nick Falletta: Owner
The Weathervane Shoppe.

"Steven has handled all aspects of my web site marketing needs for more than five years. Over the years has expanded his services to me to include monthly news letters that he completely created, maintains and overseas their mailings each month. He is my first and last call when a problem or question arises concerning my site. You will not find a more knowledgeable professional web marketing professional or administrator to handle your web needs."


Steven Seale
Personal Online Business Coach

I’m so sure that my expertise, either in person or taken directly from my book will move your business forward that I offer you a remarkable, guarantee that nobody else has the confidence to offer. It is a truly industry leading 365 days money back guarantee!

To be successful, all You Have To Do Is Follow In My Footsteps.



Making Money With Email Autoresponder Software
Bundled With A Powerful, Full Feature,
Perl/CGI Sequential Autoresponder!

Watch you sales, referrals and repeat customers skyrocket when you turn your average e-mail system in to a, totally ‘hands free’ CASH COW money making marketing system..

AutoresponderCashSystemThis Is A Complete Email Marketing Software System Bundle You Will Use To Promote ANY Product Or Service For Pennies Using email.

Letter_T05his is a complete email marketing software system that includes everything needed to begin using proven email marketing strategies and simple to operate email marketing software  to promote yourself, your company, your products, or your services.

  • Sell Your Products Like Hot Cakes Using Serial Autoresponders
  • Transform Your Leads Into Paying Customers By Just Staying In Touch Via e-Mail
  • Build Your Downline At Warp Speed Without Working Longer Hours Or Increasing Your Advertising Budget
  • Rake In Mobs Of New Subscribers For Your Newsletter While You Sleep, Play, Dine, Whatever!

Your Email Marketing Softeare Bundle Includes The Following Professional Grade Products:

  • Full Featured Sequential Autoresponder, With An Unlimited Use License, Unlimited Lists, Unlimited Emails. Guaranteed Adware, Spyware and Virus Free!
  • FREE Installation and Configuration On Your Existing Hosted Environment.
  • 25 Premium Quality Sample Sales Letters That Really Work, Use As Is Or Customize Them For Your Specific Marketing Efforts.
  • 50 Page Hardbound Guide To Using Autoresponders To Make More Sales. All The Tips and Tricks You Will Ever Need To Implement a Successful Email Marketing Plan
  • 20 Page Hardbound Guide ‘How To Write Compelling Sales Copy’
  • 30 Page Guide ‘SPAM Warefare, Getting Your Message Past The Filters’
  • 1 Hour one-on-one Personalized Consultation
  • Monthly ‘Online Business’ Newsletter

There are no technical or computer skills required; this system is designed for use by ANY Online Business Owner, Internet Entrepreneur, or Online Marketing Manager that wants to increase sales, customer retention, repeat seals, and referrals, while at the same time reducing online advertising and marketing costs. If you can type an email message, and press a mouse button, you can start using this email marketing software system immediately. Not next month, or next week, immediately!

I’m sure that sounds like a big promise, and it is, however the power of email marketing software, combined with a proven ‘drip marketing’ approach, is not only the most cost effective marketing approach currently known, it is also the most efficient.  By efficient and effective I mean that it takes little or no effort on your part(efficient) and your results will be and tireless stream of customers that buy(effective) your product or service.

This complete email marketing software system bundle includes all these features and more:

  • My complete 50 page hardcover guide to using autoresponders to increase your sales, boost your average order amount, increase your customer referrals, and boost your repeat sales. This is NOT an eBook! We show you how to get your email messages past the dreaded SPAM filter cops and into the hands of interested readers.
    $49.00 Value
  • My 20 page hard cover book on writing compelling sales copy and using email marketing to drive sales and build your positive brand presence. This is NOT an eBook! We’ll also teach you how to write email subjects that almost guarantee your email actually get opened, read, and creates inquires, sales and referrals. We show you the proper structure for a successful email marketing message that works almost every single time.
    $19.00 Value
  • Twenty Five (25) PREMIUM QUALITY, professionally written and proven, successful sales letters that you can use ‘as is’ or customize beginning immediately to promote yourself, company, product or service. These sample sales letters are professionally written by online marketing experts that specialize in emotionally connecting with an audience through sales copy that follows a specific proven formula that will build excitement and compel you customers to take action. As a result, the letters don’t come across as a sales pitch. It’s called selling without selling and it’s very refreshing for both you and your target audience.
    $99.00 Value
  • An unlimited use license, royalty-adware-spyware -virus free, full featured, Perl/CGI Script based, sequential autoresponder to implement on your own Web site.  This is not some watered down, 30 day trial version, or AdWare packed freeware either.  Though a more comprehensive version of this autoresponder is available, the free version of our sequential autoresponder is in use on thousands of sites all across the globe (including our own) and there is no limit to how many email marketing software campaigns you can run, no limit to how many emails you can send and there are absolutely no fees to pay based on how many emails you are sending.
    $87.00 Value
  • Professional installation and configuration of your sequential autoresponder system. We will install your sequential autoresponder for you and provide the initial system configuration and even setup a sample set of 5 sequential sales letters for one of your specific products or services. You can the test messages before you load one or all of the included 25 premium quality sales letters or those of your own.
    $199.00 Value

Check These BIG Package Bonuses

  • BONUS: My 30 page “SPAM Warfare: Protecting Your Business Assets” e-book is a must have for any business using email marketing software to promote their products and services.  Frankly, you really need to read this guide first to avoid some of the common mistakes that would cause an otherwise amiable email recipient to mark your email as ‘SPAM’...and you don’t want that, trust me. This guide also offers some of my best and proven tips on how to get your email past the corporate and/or personal spam filtering gate keeper!
    $29.00 Value
  • Image56BONUS: Three Months of Online Business e-Coaching. As part of your “Making Money With Autoresponders” SYSTEM, you will ALSO get a e-classroom setting where you take monthly 70 minute tele-seminars to learn how to use the tools that come in your system as well as the latest methods of Internet marketing and search engine promotion for your Web pages. This is actual e-training that is offered in a teleconference format. There is a 60 minute training presentation and a 10-15 minute Q&A at the end of each session.
    $450.00 Value
    • Three months complementary access to my members only e-coaching teleconference calls. I host a monthly, seventy (70) minute teleconference and present an important and timely topic on Internet marketing that is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your system and continue to boost your pages for ANY keyword and on ANY search engine. We have a 10-15 minute Q&A at the end of each conference so that members can exchange ideas and get specific questions answered. Participation is important to the value of your package. These are actual 70 minute training and learning sessions, not selling sessions.
    • A downloadable copy of the 70 minute tele-seminar. Each call is digitally recorded and delivered to you via a downloadable link delivered in an email message after each conference. You may download the tele-conference to your PC and listen to it at any time. These are actual 70 minute training and learning sessions, not selling sessions.
    • You get the first three months of e-coaching absolutely free.
  • BONUS: Personalized 1 Hour 1-on-1 Telephone Consult.
    Your system includes a bonus certificate for a free 1 hour one-on-one telephone consultation. All you have to do is email or fax in your consultation request and I will schedule a personal one-on-one coaching call with you to discuss your specific needs and answer your specific questions or provide advice on marketing challenges you might be facing. My normal consulting rate is $250/hr! Before your coaching call, I will personally review your Web site and your consultation request and based on your needs I will be able to provide you with a specific action plan to implement an online email marketing campaign that works for you. We can discuss the priorities of the activities and I will answer your questions.
    $250.00 Value
  • BONUS: One Year Subscription To My ‘Extreme Online Business’ Newsletter
    Award winning and absolutely jammed packed with the very latest sure fire methods to promote your Web pages and market your products and services on the Internet. Professionally written and produced, full four color production, my newsletter is published online each month.  You won’t want to miss a single copy and your email marketing software system includes a free one year subscription.  If you would like to get a copy of the current members only newsletter, click here.
    $120.00 Value
  • BONUS: Access To My Private Google Discussion
    Get unlimited access to my private “Online Business Marketing” discussion group.  The discussion group is hosted by the powerful Google Groups community. This is a members only forum where you can exchange ideas and information directly with me and with other like minded online retailers and Web marketeers. The discussion group is a convenient forum to ask questions, get opinions, find answers and exchange information on hundreds of online business topics. Need an idea for a new product? Need some experienced online shoppers to audit your site? Leverage the online discussion group for such activities and be an active participant.

Using the simple and proven email marketing approach and techniques presented in this online email marketing software system, you will have an unfair marketing advantage over your competition.  Let me say that again, this system gives gives you:

Over Your Competition!

Combined With The Personalized One-On-One Coaching, We Guarantee This Information Will Move Your Online Business To The Next Level!

This is the most unique, explosive and revealing email marketing software and system solution ever made available for YOUR online business.  The system documentation reveals all the top email marketing wizard secrets. The personalized one-on-one coaching helps you through the actual implementation every step of the way!

That’s Right This System Includes Autoresponder Installation, Personalized Coaching, Sample Sales Letters, How To Get Past The SPAM Cops, and How To Write Killer Sales Copy. We Guarantee Your Online Marketing Success!

That’s right, this online email marketing software SYSTEM comes with a one-on-one online marketing coach that guarantees an easy implementation of your new marketing plan.

All the consulting and written materials are presented in terms that don’t require a PHd to understand, in fact anyone with basic PC skills can perform all the activities required!

You will have everything you need to promote your products and services just like a big adverting and marketing agency would charge you thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to do for you. This information will make it possible to get big 10 ad agency performance for a fraction of the cost.

Using the revealing information in this complete email marketing system designed to help you quickly, and easily get your online business marketing engine screaming out your message and unique value proposition. You will start to realize the benefits almost immediately.

NOT Just a Book on email Marketing, This Is A COMPLETE Professional Grade, Premium Quality Internet Marketing SYSTEM Designed To Help You Blow Away Your Competition!

...this is a complete SYSTEM that contains professional grade products, professional one-on-one coaching, professional quality and rich content monthly newsletters, a members only private online discussion group, monthly tele-seminars, even telephone consultations.

It’s Also A Time Saving Cash Cow. A Money Making Machine That Runs On Autopilot!

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know there’s gold in your follow up. Whether you’re doing business online, off-line or both, your profits will dramatically increase by following up with your prospects and turning them into customers again and again.

How Would YOU Like To Boost YOUR Sales 387% In 30 Days Like I Did?

By following the simple steps that I reveal in this system, you can create a virtual cash cow money making machine that will stay in contact with your clients and make sales for you, even while you sleep and vacation!

Email autoresponders can be set to automatically deliver your marketing message over a period of days, weeks, months, even years! And it does it all on autopilot, you don’t EVER have to lift a finger once you set up your messages and delivery schedule.

Research Has Shown That It Takes Five To Seven Impressions Before A Prospect Actually Takes Action And Makes A Purchase.

Do you have enough time in your day to follow up with all of your current customers and prospects four, five, six or more times? That’s, of course, in addition to answering information requests from other potential clients and getting your regular work done, every single day.

YES, you do! But you have to automate your business and let as much as possible run on autopilot. That is what an autoresponder can do for you. It gives you more time to focus on other things, like life, family, hobbies, or just getting a little much needed rest and relaxation.

You can automate almost your entire marketing, administration and follow up process, while you increase your profits. Your ticket to online automation is your bank of autoresponders.

You’re Probably Wondering By Now
“OK, So How Much Is All This
Going To Cost Me?”

Lets quickly review the contents of the package deal and see what type of offer I have for you on the ‘package.’

  • A complete 50 page guide to using sequential autoresponders to increse sales, boost your average ticket amount, increse referrhals, and boost repeat customers
    $49.00 Value
  • A complete 25 page guide to writing compelling sales copy and using email marketing to drive sales and build your positive brand presence.
    $19.00 Value
  • Twenty Five (25) professionally written and proven successful sales letters that you can use ‘as is’ or customize beginning immediately to promote yourself, company, product or service.
    $99.00 Value
  • A unlimited use license, royalty-adware-spyware-virus free, full featured, PHP based, sequential autoresponder to implement on your own Web site.
    $87.00 Value
    Installation, configuration and initial sample sequential emails setup of your autoresponder system
    $199.00 Value
  • My 30 page “SPAM WAREFARE: Protecting Your Business Assets” e-book is a must have for any business using email to promote their products and services.
    $29.00 Value
  • Three Months of Online Business e-Coaching.
    $450.00 Value
  • Personalized 1 Hour 1-on-1 Telephone Consult.
    $250.00 Value
  • One Year Subscription To My Newsletter
    $120.00 Value
  • Access To My Private Google Discussion

The Total Value Of This Package, If You Purchased All These Online Marketing Tools, Consultations And Other Assets Would Be $1,302.00!

But didn’t I tell you earlier, that I was going to make you a package deal on the entire system with personal consulting, newsletters, monthly coaching, discussion groups, and everything else I have shown you about...sure I did.

How About I Knock Off $903.00
And Offer You This Package For Just



 Use Your
 Google Wallet



or...Pay With PayPal


You’ll be Glad You Did ;)

Respectfully Submitted,

Personal Online Business Coach

PS: Click here only if you are not going to buy this.




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