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Tony Burdett03
Tony Burdett: Owner
Buckhead Motor Works

"Steven built us a complete online facility showcase and provided search engine optimization services to earn first page search engine rankings in Google for BMW and Bosch Authorized service in Atlanta. As a result, we often receive new clients because we were so easy to find on the Internet. One thing that I really enjoyed about working with Steven is that he didn't make the process technical, and he is really easy to work with."

Search & PPC


Responsible Email Marketing


Viral / Social


Traffic Analysis


Brand Management Brand Protection


Charmaine Fleming
Georgia Prudential Realty

“As a real estate agent there are many demands made to keep up with current technology. This is not my area of expertise, so I asked Steven Seale to manage this area for me. He has done a great job in redesigning my website, setting up a drip marketing campaign, and positioned me higher in the Google and Yahoo! search engines so potential buyers and sellers can find me more easily...and much more. He even attended a seminar with me to help me maximize my exposure. Beyond that, I often get stuck with current challenges due to my lack of technology skills, and he is always available to answer my questions, and walk me through in layman’s terms to accommodate me so I can do what I do best. Thank you Steven!”

Diane Ellis
Diane Ellis: Owner
Lawman Badge Company

“As a small business owner I can highly recommend Steven. He has been our webmaster for 7 years taking us from literally non-existent to #1 on Google and major search engines such as Yahoo! and AOL for the last 7 years. We have been approached by other SEO 'experts' and they all have the same story to tell us about how they can improve our position and traffic and when we look at their proposals, its all the same stuff that Steven has already been doing for us since the very beginning. He was and continues to be years ahead of the competition, we like that a lot. He has helped us to clearly communicate our unique value proposition to our clients and we are picky in that regard. His online marketing skills are beyond compare and have benefited us on many occasions such as using his SEO expertise to bring us new clients at a zero cost. Much of our business comes directly to us through his online marketing efforts on our behalf. Steven is the kind of worker that helps us sleep a little better at night. He is intuitive, effective and quite good at 'minding the store'.”


Rose and Paul SHANE
Georgia Prudential Realty

“Steven put Rose and me on the map with our Prudential Georgia Realty web site.. Where we were getting almost no clicks from the search engines, we are now visited a on a regular basis and adding daily to our active client list. Steven provided us with a custom designed home page layout, integration with FMLS and Search Engine Optimization services to help home shoppers find us in Google and Yahoo. He also set up our mail list as well as our e-mail drip marketing programs and our Google AdWords campaigns. As soon as possible, I will hire him to perform the same magic with my entertainment web site, banksandshane

Tom Tai
Tom Tai,
Dr.P.H., M.M.S.,
M.P.H., M.A.
Department of Social and Behavioral Health
Texas A&M Health Science Center

I know Steven as an exceptionally bright, honest, and highly skilled professional who is a technical master of computer networking and who has wonderfully advanced skills in marketing. As a professor of social marketing and health communications, I am impressed with Steven's products, and as a friend and colleague I recommend him to you without hesitation. He will provide high-quality, conscientious and exceptional search engine marketing services."

I’m so sure that my expertise, either in person or taken directly from my book will move your business forward that I offer you an incredible, and truly industry leading

365 Day

All You Have To Do Is Follow In My Footsteps.


SEO/SEM Consultant

SEO-wizard-2WISH: Access To 100 Million Prospects In 10 Minutes, GUARANTEED First Page Positions,  Higher CTR & ROI, Reduced PPC Costs, And An Unsinkable, Positive Online Brand Presence!...GRANTED!

Results Oriented Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, E-mail and Viral Marketing, Brand Management and Protection, Black List Recovery Services.

Letter_A_Palintino02s a Personal Online Marketing Coach, I am bringing
  thousands of visitors to client Web sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whether they are taking a shower, eating breakfast, driving to work, picking up the kids at school, taking a phone call, sleeping, daydreaming, busting their butt to beat a deadline, chasing some customer, typing an email....

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It can all happen on autopilot with 100 percent predictability like clock work. Ten years ago, an impossible dream -- today a reality.

Paris_Hilton_Is Number_One
How do you think Paris got to be the #1 search on Google? Click here to discover her secret.
Just think of the lengths that entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople go to just to get a company off the ground, just to get a sale. I could recount in agonizing detail the years of my life I spent pounding the phone, pounding the pavement, making cold calls, renting trade show booths, going to no-show appointments, booking meetings, that were all a total waste of time.

But not anymore. I don’t go to them any more; they come to me. It’s been that way so long, I’m very much use to it now. They’ll come to you too.

Getting new customers is a real grind for a lot of people. It’s the number one obstacle for starting a new business or keeping an established business going...AND GROWING. But all that can be a thing of the past. Instead of you chasing new customers, they can now come to you, all day and all night via the Internet.

History will show that the Internet combined with technologies such as search engines, social media, discussion groups, PPC, E-mail auto-responders, affiliate marketing and many others, to be the most important developments in advertising of this decade.

Never before in the history of mankind has it been possible to spend as little as $5, open a PPC or E-mail account, and have brand new, precisely targeted customers coming to your Web site in minutes.

There are a lot of things you might want from your Internet marketing efforts. Maybe you’re adding an online component to your retail operations, giving you steadier cash flow and deeper discounts from your suppliers. Maybe payroll is going to get easier. Maybe your consulting or service business is going to be positioned better. Maybe you’re already getting traffic, but free listings are too unreliable. Maybe you’ve been successful selling on eBay, and now you want to play with the big boys. Maybe you’re a working Mom, and you’ll finally be able to work from home.

If you, like me, are privy to the secrets of online marketing, all those opportunities will open up to you. You’ll have fresh, hot sales leads waiting for you in your e-mail box every morning when you sit down at your desk. You’ll have customers buying from you, orders coming in 24/7/365. Instead of you chasing them, they come to you. Instead of trying to guess if your next product launch is going to work or not, you’ll know.

Why is this even possible? Because in the last few years, the very direction of business has reversed course. In the old days (remember the 1990’s?), entrepreneurs and salespeople chased customers with phone calls, letters, and ads in newspaper. Now customers chase businesses on the Web!

Got a watch with a second hand?



3,000 people just searched Google for something and went to somebody’s Web site.


3,000 more...


3,000 more...

180,000+ people a minute...AND GROWING.

Every minute, all day long, all night long.

Here they come. Every second. Every minute. Every hour.

Are they finding your Web site? Are they buying from you? Or are they finding someone else’s site and buying from them instead? They could be finding you. They should be finding you. They can find you and buy from you, and come back again and again, if you know Internet marketing like I do.

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Letter_I_Palintino10 have been offering prompt, personalized, courteous, and results oriented, search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEM/SEO), social media, brand management and brand protection services to online businesses of all sizes since 2001.

My current client base spans virtually every imaginable business classification from service, to manufacturing, publishing, professional, laborers, online retailers and resellers, affiliate marketeers,  information entrepreneurs and many more.

If You Are...

  • Looking For a Professional, Full Service, ‘Top Gun’ Search Engine Marketing Consultant With a Broad Base of Online Marketing Expertise, Real World Proven Results, and Outstanding Client References?
  • Tired of Spending Your Hard Earned Profits on PPC Advertising, Paying Top Dollar For Site Traffic and Getting Less Than 5% Conversion Rates?
  • Interested in Leveraging No or Low Cost Online Marketing Tools Such as Web Analytics, E-mail Auto Responders, Affiliate Marketing Programs, Online Video, Social Media, Free Reports and Viral Marketing to Convert Clicks to Sales?
  • In a fiercely competitive marketplace, and you would like to be able to thrash your competition, even in the toughest of economic times, and your serious about building a strong, unsinkable, positive brand presence on the Internet then...

...Please Read On!

Without exception, my clients benefit from my services and attain first page positions, CTR (click through rates) of 5%+ or more , conversion rates as high as 25%, outstanding customer retention, and in most cases I have completely eliminated the need for PPC advertising.

Client Roster (partial)

Well Known
800lb Gorillas

800lb Gorillas

  • IBM
  • American Express
  • Wackenhut
  • General Motors
  • US Mint
  • Clarke American
  • MetLife
  • Medtronic
  • and many others

My business continues to grow and my products and services continue to be used by blue chip, blue collar, online retailers and entrepreneurs alike. And my business continues to grow in spite of though economic times. In fact, the economy is actually driving my business such that I can’t accept every potential customer as a client. I can show you how your business can grow, if not thrive even in a poor economy.

Stay With Me Here Because I Am About To Reveal The Secrets Used To Move My Client’s Businesses Forward, But Only If You’ll Except My Challenge

Every second, every minute, every hour, of every day and night my services and marketing programs are saving my clients thousands of dollars on paid advertising. I have helped them to become more profitable than ever by bringing in a steady stream of repeat and new customers. And it all happens on autopilot, 24/7/365.

Let me be really frank with you for a moment...

Chances Are That You Are Way Off Track On The Real Requirements For Internet Marketing Success!

Unless you are actively involved in the search engine optimization and online business promotion, chances are that you are so far off track on the real requirements for success that it's like trying to build an SUV from a collection of Tonka toy truck parts. What you will get will resemble and SUV, but in reality, won’t serve it’s intended purpose.


Let me tell you just the basic components of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. These are the ‘tools’ of my trade and the same ones that we will be using to move your business forward.

    Search Engine Optimization
    Utilizing proven and industry accepted SEO sciences, I help you, your Web Master or I can provide the needed hand on expertise to get all page copy to properly align and support your keyword selections. Complete SEO is additive rather than individual components working separately. Keywords and other SEO sciences all should be assembled to create an environment that is sure to get your pages the preferred search engine rankings. I offer true hands on expertise with proven results for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Digg and others

    Helping you choose the best broad or narrow (long tail/short tail) keyword targets and setting the best tags to align with your other marketing efforts and plans is an integral part of favorable placement in popular search engines. We utilize a variety of keyword research tools and services such as WebPosition Pro, WordTracker, Google Keyword and Webmaster Tools and many others to determine the most effective and least costly keywords to drive the best qualified traffic to any Web site.

    Setting up successful Pay-Per-Click program does not happen by chance or by appointment, it’s a marketing research project. I offer complete research, setup, management and ongoing maintenance services for PPC systems that are guaranteed to maximize your online Google and Yahoo and other PPC advertising results while at the same time minimize the cost. We have PPC secrets that will help you to turn those expensive clicks into profitable customers. I often use a technique known as ‘split ad testing’ to keep improving the CTR to your ads combined with years of real world marketing and sales copy writing expertise to create eye catching, click compelling ads to get above average (5%+) CTR.

    Responsible E-Mail & Drip Marketing
    Creating compelling e-mail marketing sales copy and campaigns that get sales, my autoresponder e-mail campaigns will bring in the traffic and convert traffic to sales. We have a complete library of direct response marketing as well as drip marketing tools that are easy to manage, and very productive. Systems I have worked with on an extensive basis include: ConstantContact, iContact, ExactTarget, AMLM, AMLM Pro, Scot’s MailList, and PHPList.

    Viral Marketing
    I can help you put the correct 'viral marketing' strategy into place, targeting various individuals that are guaranteed to pass on your marketing message to others. Just like the age-old concept of "word-of-mouth", but in an electronic context. Any marketer worth his salt knows that referrals are the most powerful marketing tool available. Viral marketing media and communities like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flikr, and Digg extend this into the digital domain by harnessing the electronic connectivity of social community to spread your message like a virus.

    Social Media Marketing
    Using social networks I can create ‘buzz’ for your product or service. Creating buzz or news worthy events, videos, tweets, or even blog entries that attract attention, and become viral in nature. Buzz is the piece that makes social media marketing work, it replicates a message not through purchase of an ad, but through user to user contact. I am intimately familiar with and use common social media marketing tools which include Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

    Web Trends and Analytics
    Using the science of Web site traffic tracking and analysis, I can quickly help you better understand where your visitors are coming from, what they typed to find you, where they went on your site, where they left your site, what pages they visited and for how long, and even better, how to get more qualified traffic for little or no cost at all. Once I help you understand what your customers are hungry for, we will get them eating out of your hand. Though there are many Web analytic tools available, I, as well as most hosting services have their favorite which include Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, and Urchin.

    Brand Protection / Brand Management
    With the Internet quickly taking the place of word of mouth and consumer reports advertising, building a strong, unsinkable, positive brand presence on the Internet is paramount to your businesses success. Being on the first page for your given keywords, is just the beginning of promoting your product or service. Just as quickly as you receive traffic you absolutely must quickly communicate your unique brand value. And then when you absolutely must work to generate, maintain and protect a positive brand presence. I assist companies that want to promote and protect their brand on the Internet using both well known and my own innovative forms of online reputation management (ORM.) Using these proven tools and techniques, we beat the competition every time and gain an online marketing lead  they simply will never be able to catch up to. You need an unsinkable, positive Internet brand presence to continue to grow your business.

 You Absolutely DO NOT Want Me Working For Your Competition! Because...I Build Powerful Autopilot Marketing Machines, Guaranteed To Totally Blow Away Your Competition.Letter_I_Palintino09

 guarantee that when you become a client and you choose to follow just a few of my proven paths to online marketing success, I will help you move your online business forward; faster than it ever has before. No gimmicks, and absolutely no black hat tricks that will get your site banned from the search engines and your valuable domain tainted! In fact, as one of my clients, I will give you a protected Internet marketing environment and I will close the ‘new client door’ to any and all of your competition, and I’ll put that in writing!

BettyJean Kling: Owner
Pondarama and aPondPlace

Betty Jean Kling"I met Steven on the Internet in 2002 when my online pond supply store was in dire straights. I did a search for 'Web design service' in Google and his name popped up on the first page. I needed help badly, my domain was blacklisted from Google, AOL and Yahoo. My business went from pretty good, to very poor..and so did I! Steven to the rescue! He restored my domains good name and standing with the search engines, how I don't really know, but he saved me thousands of dollars worth of time what ever he did; you could say that he saved my business as well. Since that time he has worked hard to optimize my site for Google and Yahoo for a first page position for all my chosen keywords and I don't spend a dime on PPC advertising any longer as a result." <more>

You See, This Is How The Online Marketing Cycle Begins, And Unfortunately Ends For Those Without A Comprehensive And Aggressive Online Marketing Plan...

People search for something on the Internet using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and others by typing in a word or phrase and then pressing return. The search engine then gives them a list of ‘prospects.’


Will your site be among those sites listed on the first page in the search results?  On the second page even?


Will they find your viral video on YouTube? Do you have a video on YouTube?


Are the popular online discussion groups all a ‘buzz’ about your product or service? Do you know where the discussion groups that are relevant to your company are located?


Did they notice your PPC advertisement when they searched Google, Yahoo! or Bing? Do you bid on the same expensive keywords everybody else is bidding on? WHY?


Do you know if there is negative presence for your company, product, or service lurking in some very visible place like Do you know how to overcome negative or derogatory posts?


Do you stay in touch with your clients on a regular (daily, weekly, monthly) basis via email?


Do you have verifiable testimonials on your Web pages?

If you can’t check off all the above at least five (5!) of the above, I gotta tell you the honest truth; YOUR TOAST, YOUR DONE, FINISHED, even before you got a good start because all that traffic(remember the 3,000 people a second?) just went to your competitor(s). And if your competitor has a better and more prevailing ‘presence’ and has well communicated their unique value proposition they will get the lions share of the marketplace. And get this, it wont matter one bit if they are the proverbial 800lb gorilla or a teenager with a laptop and some ideas or even your own grand Mother running a micro-company from her little (paid for) 3 bedroom home.

Once your marketing machine is built using my proven methods and best practices that are based on almost a decade of hands-on expertise, it will be on and remain on autopilot and require little or no ongoing maintenance at all.

What I Am About To Tell You Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds, Even Thousands Of Hours Of Effort And Frustration, TODAY!

One important factor that has eluded not only many Web Masters as well as want-to-be SEO ‘experts’ is that there are really only two (2), search engines we focus on.  That’s right, there are thousands of search engines, but only two that will easily represent almost 90% of the traffic potential available to you at NO COST.


Considering the statistics presented in the pie chart above, it should be apparent to you the two important players in today’s search engine market.

With My Help, You WILL Be On The First Page, And Here Is Proof.

Current Active Clients

These are current clients that I am accountable to, that I work for to get #1 and 1st page positions consistently!
Every second, of every minute, of every hour,
of every day and night!

The Weathervane Shoppe

Google search for ‘weathervane’

Lawman Badge

Google search for ‘police badges’


Google search for ‘garden pond kits’


Google search for ‘Work From Home Systems’

PLEASE NOTE: There is absolutely no hokus pokus going on here, if you use the links above, you will get a real time, live search result directly from Google.

With so many online marketing choices currently available, its easy to become inundated with opportunities to dilute your online marketing focus an efforts (as well as empty your bank account of all your profits) on worthless PPC programs, banner advertising, link farms, worthless automated search engine submission tools, paid inclusion advertising and many many many others.

The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!

My focus is always on your business success, and how to leverage affordable technology to bring in more qualified traffic, convert that traffic to customers, and then keep that customer coming back for more!

Nick Falletta: Owner
Linda Lea, Inc.
DBA The Weathervane Shoppe.

Nick Falletta"Steven Seale has handled all aspects of my web site needs for more than five years. Since we began working with Steven we have earned a first page position for a very competitive marketplace, weathervanes and cupolas. His SEO expertise is a major factor in our company's online success. He started with upgrades and database issues and over the years has expanded his services to me to include file maintenance of items and prices, graphics, web page design, a whole new look & feel to the entire site, monthly news letters that he completely created, maintains and overseas their mailings each month. He is my first and last call when a problem or question arises concerning my site. He also educated me on optimizing the Google AdWords click marketing dollars bringing me more business for a LOT less money. You will not find a more knowledgeable professional web administrator to handle your web needs. Feel free to call me anytime." <more>

Working closely with me as your personal online marketing coach, and implementing my proving systems and techniques, these are just some of the potential benefits you might expect to receive.

My Clients Enjoy The Following


Pay Less and Get More Clicks


Killer PPC Headlines That Generate Sales


Click Through Rates of 5% And Higher


E-Mail Marketing That Converts Customers To Repeat Customers, Testimonials, And non-paid Sales Reps


Use Site Analytics To Know From Where, Why, How, and For How Long Site Visitors We On The Site


Beating Their Competition Even In The Toughest Of Economic Times


Create Welth With Their Mailing List


Get FREE First Page Organic Rankings IN Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Others


...And So Much More

The #1 reason why most companies are terrible at achieving high search engine rankings is because they're following out dated rules. We show you how to determine where your Web Master is missing the Internet marketing boat! And we also show you how to properly deal with an unwilling Web master to help fix the oversights.

How Would You Know If Your Web Master Was The #1 Reason Your Pages DON’T Rank Well in Google or Yahoo?

SEO-site-buildingIn years past, when search engine technology was in it’s infancy, meta tags were a good way to get your site properly indexed and categorized in almost all search engines.  It is still an integral part of the overall approach, but the formula is much more complex these days.  Don’t be fooled by anyone that tells you all you need is a great set of meta tags to get great placement in any search engine.  Those days are long, long gone.

Use A Skilled Personal Online Marketing Coach To Get On Track And Stay On Track!

Combined With The personalized One-On-One Coaching, I Guarantee my services will move your online business to a higher level or I will give you your money back!

Based on my proven and well documented results, I believe that my services are the most unique, explosive, comprehensive and affordable SEM services ever made available for YOUR online business.  My systems and techniques are used by all the top search engine wizards and Internet marketing gurus. But much of what I do is still a mystery to the common business owner, and even many want-to-be SEO consultants.


The Very Next Action You Take Could Be The One That Breaks The Log Jam And Puts You AND Your Business On The Fast Track...OR NOT!

I believe in keeping things as simple as possible as well as making it easy to take the first steps in any journey. In my mind at least, opening a new business alliance and choosing to partner with a skilled and knowledgeable Personal Online Marketing Coach should be no different.

I’d Like To Offer You a FREE Personalized 30 Minute 1-on-1 Telephone Consult Which Is A
$75.00 Value.

That’s Right, Your Cost For The Initial Consultation is Nada, Zilch, Zippo, Nothing, It’s Totally FREE!

Telephone_ConsultYour first step should be to take advantage of my free 30 minutes introductory one-on-one telephone consultation. There is absolutely no obligation, no pressure to buy anything, and there will be no ‘sales pitch’ to have to listen to. I’ll answer your questions and if you would like to know how I can help further, all you have to do is ask.

To contact me for your FREE 30 minute consultation, you can only use my Quick Consultation Request Form :

Quick Consultation Request Form

I will be happy to schedule a personal one-on-one coaching call with you to discuss your specific needs, answer your specific questions or provide advice on marketing challenges you might be facing. Coaching and consultations are available Monday thru Thursday and at 9AM, 2PM, and 8PM EST.

Before your coaching call, I will personally review your Web site and based on your needs, I will be able to provide you with a specific suggested online marketing activities plan, and we can further discuss working together with a custom tailored services and coaching program to help you move your business forward. But that discussion will only take place, if you ask me how I can help you further.

btw: My Standard SEM / SEO / ORM Consulting Rates Start At An Affordable $60/hr.

But Steven...What If I’m Just Not Quite Ready To Begin?

You know the old saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you just can’t MAKE him drink.” This may be true. But if the incentive is big enough, and the horse is thirsty enough, the horse will eventually drink.

Let me sweeten the deal a little more by making you the following EXTRA BIG BONUS OFFER

  • A FREE One Year Subscription To My Newsletter
    $129.00 Value
    Award winning and absolutely jammed packed with the very latest sure fire methods to promote your Web pages. Professionally written and produced, full four color production, my newsletter is published online each month.  You won’t want to miss a single copy and your system includes a free one year subscription.  If you would like to get a copy of a recent members only newsletter, click here.
  • FREE Access To My Private Google Discussion
    $198.00 Value
    Get unlimited access to my private “Be Number One On Google Today” discussion group.  The discussion group is hosted by the powerful Google search engine community group feature. This is a members only forum where you can exchange ideas and information directly with me and with other like minded online retailers and Web marketeers. The discussion group is a convenient forum to ask questions, get opinions, find answers and exchange information on hundreds of online business topics. Need an idea for a new product? Need some experienced online shoppers to audit your site? Leverage the online discussion group for such activities and be an active participant.

So...What Are You Waiting For Now? A Miracle, A Sign From Above, A Government Bailout?

All you have to do is contact me by clicking here. I will be happy to schedule a personal one-on-one coaching call with you to discuss your specific needs, answer your specific questions or provide advice on marketing challenges you might be facing.

Small_Square   Small_Square02   Small_Square03

Still Not Convinced? Maybe You’re A Do It Yourself Type Or Prefer To Use Your Own SEO Wizard. Well I Have Something For You Also!

Do-It-Yourself Guide
Be Number One On Google, Yahoo!, BING

BeNumberOneThreeRing_Smaller06Your in luck then if you like to do things yourself but you also don’t want to go through the pains and substantial expense of making the common mistakes that almost EVERYBODY makes in the beginning.

I have taken some of my very best (no really some of my best!) systems and techniques and put them all in a huge and very well written and illustrated Search Engine Marketing Guide.

This guide goes way beyond the ‘SEO for Dummies’ concept and goes deep into some of the most closely guarded secrets used by myself and some of the best online marketing experts that mentor me. Its a big book of over 120+ of real content.  Absolutely no fluff or rubbish, not in print so large you can read it across the room, not double spaced to take up more pages; only clear, concise, and up-to-date information and techniques that you can begin to use immediately to start moving your pages up the search results, increase your site traffic, reduce your PPC programs and begin using e-mail marketing to move your business forward and rocket past you competition.

And I’ll sweeten this deal as well by including more bonuses for you do-it -yourself types like:

  • Three Months of Online Business e-Coaching
    $450.00 Value
    As part of your “Be Number One on Google Today” SYSTEM, you will ALSO get a e-classroom setting where you take 70 minute tele -seminars to learn how to use the tools that come in your system as well as the latest methods of Internet marketing and search engine promotion for your Web pages. This is actual e-training that is offered in a tele-seminar format. There is a 60 minute training presentation and a 10-15 minute Q&A at the end of each session.
  • Three months complementary access to my members only e-coaching tele-conference calls . I host a monthly, seventy (70) minute tele-conference and present an important and timely topic on Internet marketing that is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your system and continue to boost your pages for ANY keyword and on ANY search engine. We have a 10-15 minute Q&A at the end of each conference so that members can exchange ideas and get specific questions answered. Participation is important to the value of your package. These are actual 70 minute training and learning sessions, not selling sessions.
  • A downloadable copy of the 70 minute tele-seminar. Each call is digitally recorded and delivered to you via a downloadable link delivered in an e-mail message after each conference. You may download the tele-conference to your PC and listen to it at any time. These are actual 70 minute training and learning sessions, not selling sessions.
  • You get the first three months of e-coaching absolutely free. After your trial of the coaching service, your subscription renews automatically at $49/mo. You can cancel your e-coaching and mentoring program membership instantly at any time online or via email.
  • Personalized 1 Hour 1-on-1 Telephone Consult
    $150.00 Value
    Your system includes a bonus certificate for a free thirty (30) minute one-on-one telephone consultation. All you have to do is e-mail or fax in your consultation request and I will schedule a personal one-on-one coaching call with you to discuss your specific needs and answer your specific questions or provide advice on marketing challenges you might be facing. My normal consulting rate is $250/hr! Before your coaching call, I will personally review your Web site and your consultation request and based on your needs I will be able to provide you with a specific action plan and road map for activities. We can discuss the priorities of the activities and I will answer your questions.
  • One Year Subscription To My Newsletter
    $129.00 Value
    Award winning and absolutely jammed packed with the very latest sure fire methods to promote your Web pages. Professionally written and produced, full four color production, my newsletter is published online each month.  You won’t want to miss a single copy and your system includes a free one year subscription.  If you would like to get a copy of the current members only newsletter, click here.
  • Access To My Private Google Discussion
    $198.00 Value
    Get unlimited access to my private “Be Number One On Google Today” discussion group.  The discussion group is hosted by the powerful Google search engine community group feature. This is a members only forum where you can exchange ideas and information directly with me and with other like minded online retailers and Web marketeers. The discussion group is a convenient forum to ask questions, get opinions, find answers and exchange information on hundreds of online business topics. Need an idea for a new product? Need some experienced online shoppers to audit your site? Leverage the online discussion group for such activities and be an active participant.


    But You’re NOT Going To Pay Anywhere Near That Much Because It’s A Package Deal!

All the secrets of the very best search engine Wizards and Masters at Work From Home Systems are revealed in this explosive hard copy book, NOT AN e-BOOK. If you think you can do just a little bit of simple HTML programming, or know somebody that can, you can do your own keyword phrase analysis, apply the simple but very powerful strategies, and watch your pages climb the search engine results towards the top and be ready to great a lot of new customers. To find out more about this do it yourself guide just click here or press the order now button below.

365 Day

*Hourly consulting and support rates are driven by the length of your project or contract, the level of expertise required and complexity of your online marketing needs. I am based in Atlanta and most of what I can do does not require travel to your city or offices, however, I am available for in-person consultations on a per diem plus travel expense basis. Please inquire further.




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