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Tom Tai, Dr.P.H., M.M.S., M.P.H., M.A.
Department of Social and Behavioral Health
Texas A&M Health Science Center

Tom Tai"I know Steven as an exceptionally bright, honest, and highly skilled professional who is a technical master of computer networking and who has wonderfully advanced skills in marketing. As a professor of social marketing and health communications, I am impressed with Steven's products, and as a friend and colleague I recommend him to you without hesitation. He will provide high-quality, conscientious and exceptional search engine marketing services."

Tony Burdett: Owner
Buckhead Motor Works

Tony Burdett03"I originally came to Steven in 2000 to help me create an initial Internet presence for the South East's largest independent BMW repair center located in Atlanta Georgia. All I initially wanted to do was create a place to post a description of our facility and services. The equal of a ‘Yellow Pages’ ad but on the Internet. Steven built us a complete online facility showcase and provided search engine optimization services to earn first page search engine rankings in Google for BMW and Bosch Authorized service in Atlanta. As a result, we often receive new clients because we were so easy to find on the Internet. Understand that the Atlanta BMW service market is very very competitive and Steven worked hard to get our pages to appear first in the Google and Yahoo! search engines, even in front of the largest BMW dealer in Atlanta, Global former employer! One thing that I really enjoyed about working with Steven is that he didn't make the process technical, and he is really easy to work with. I know about BMWs, not the Internet. He quickly took my business goals and put them on the Internet without requiring me to become an expert in Internet marketing. I'm running my business while Steven runs my Web site and takes care of the Internet marketing aspects."

Diane (and Gary) Ellis: Owner
Lawman Badge Company

Diane Ellis"As a small business owner I can highly recommend Steven. He has been our webmaster for 7 years taking us from literally non-existent to #1 on Google and major search engines such as Yahoo! and AOL for the last 7 years. We have been approached by other SEO 'experts' and they all have the same story to tell us about how they can improve our position and traffic and when we look at their proposals, its all the same stuff that Steven has already been doing for us since the very beginning. He was and continues to be years ahead of the competition, we like that a lot. He is solely responsible for the new look and feel of our Web site and has helped us to clearly communicate our unique value proposition to our clients and we are picky in that regard. His online marketing skills are beyond compare and have benefited us on many occasions such as using his SEO expertise to bring us new clients at a zero cost. Much of our business comes directly to us through his online marketing efforts on our behalf. He is also honest, which is something that is rare these days. He has become a friend as well due to the care he's taken to always make a concerted effort on behalf of our Company's well being. Mr. Seale is skilled, reliable, very friendly and keeps himself up to date. We've found him to be sincere in his efforts. As a retired Police Chief and business owner I (Gary)can say that Steven is the kind of worker that helps us sleep a little better at night. He is intuitive, effective and quite good at 'minding the store'. "

Nick Falletta: Owner
Linda Lea, Inc.
DBA The Weathervane Shoppe.

Nick Falletta"Steven Seale has handled all aspects of my web site needs for more than five years. Since we began working with Steven we have earned a first page position for a very competitive marketplace, weathervanes and cupolas. His SEO expertise is a major factor in our company's online success. He started with upgrades and database issues and over the years has expanded his services to me to include file maintenance of items and prices, graphics, web page design, a whole new look & feel to the entire site, monthly news letters that he completely created, maintains and overseas their mailings each month. When issues of how shipping is calculated to coupons for special deals he listens to the problems, does the research and somehow comes up with solutions I can afford that work. He is my first and last call when a problem or question arises concerning my site. He also educated me on optimizing the Google AdWords click marketing dollars bringing me more business for a LOT less money. You will not find a more knowledgeable professional web administrator to handle your web needs. Feel free to call me anytime."

Betty Jean Kling: Owner
Pondarama / aPondPlace

Betty Jean Kling"I met Steven on the Internet in 2002 when my online pond supply store was in dire straights. I did a search for 'Web design service' in Google and his name popped up on the first page. I needed help badly, my domain was blacklisted from Google, AOL and Yahoo. My business went from pretty good, to very poor..and so did I! Steven to the rescue! He restored my domains good name and standing with the search engines, how I don't really know, but he saved me thousands of dollars worth of time what ever he did; you could say that he saved my business as well. Since that time he has worked hard to optimize my site for Google and Yahoo for a first page position for all my chosen keywords and I don't spend a dime on PPC advertising any longer as a result. He gave my site a fresh new look, helped me put together newsletters and taught me about how to use the power of drip marketing via email marketing to drive traffic to my Web sites. Any time I needed a special feature, he added it and at reasonable rates. He also was very patient with me during the hard times and he 'taught me how to fish' for my self so for the most part, I am now self sufficient. Thank you for your never ending patience Steven! Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information about Steven or his services."

Paul Shane, Partner
Rose and Paul Shane, Prudential GA Realty
Banks & Shane, Atlanta’s Entertainment Tradition

PaulAndRoseShane“Steven put Rose and me on the map with our Prudential Georgia Realty web site, Where we were getting almost no clicks from the search engines, we are now visited a on a regular basis and adding daily to our active client list. Steven provided us with a custom designed home page layout, integration with FMLS and Search Engine Optimization services to help home shoppers find us in Google and Yahoo. He also set up our mail list as well as our e-mail drip marketing programs and our Google AdWords campaigns. As soon as possible, I will hire him to perform the same magic with my entertainment web site,!”





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